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lamb steak pizza

January 14, 2011

charmoula and spiced lamb

Things got bad for a while. I was really excited about the meat "value Packs" at Ingles (the local grocer). Imagine a roast, stewing beef, and the lowest quality steak all wrapped together on one giant styrofoam tray! But the novelty wears off when you find yourself cooking everything medium well and not only are you buying A1 but your running out of it. To remedy the situation i went to Earthfare after my regular shopping just to get some nice meat. Sometimes going to Earthfare depresses me. Everything looks so good and there such a selection! But its expensive. After about 20 minutes of deliberation i settled on a leg of lamb steak. ( i also really wanted sausages and sashimi grade tuna).

After exhausting my cook books ( JOY ) i always go strait to or for recipe ideas. I like epicurious because it gives you lots of information on where the recipe came from. For example i ended up stumbling upon a recipe from the 1998 issue of Bon Appetit, by Chef Rafih Benjelloun of Imperial Fez, Atlanta, GA. Moroccan Bread with Charmoula and Spiced Lamb sounded pretty fancy but i could see that it really meant “lamb Pizza”. SOLD! also i had most of the other ingredients. I had to substitute parsley for the cilantro but other than that i stuck to the recipe. You know, except for doubling all the spices and garlic and adding an extra tablespoon of tomato paste (for no real reason).

It was OK. The lamb was great and the “Charmoula” was what you would expect, but the plain wheat dough was a drag. I quickly threw together a tzatziki sauce for some dipping, which would have been delicious if i had the time to dry out the cukes and strain the yogurt properly. Instead is was a little runny. In a moment of panic i thought i could thicken it up with some ranch. Yep. Not as bad is your probably thinking, but not good either. I considered making this again with another dough but i don’t think its worth it. It would be far better sans bread just over some rice.


Have you heard about betty?

October 27, 2009

“I just can’t believe the lovliness of loving you”

Waiting for Icarus by Muriel Rukeyser

October 26, 2009

He said he would be back and we’d drink wine together
He said that everything would be better than before
He said we were on the edge of a new relation
He said he would never again cringe before his father
He said that he was going to invent full-time
He said he loved me that going into me
He said was going into the world and the sky
He said all the buckles were very firm
He said the wax was the best wax
He said Wait for me here on the beach
He said Just don’t cry

I remember the gulls and the waves
I remember the islands going dark on the sea
I remember the girls laughing
I remember they said he only wanted to get away from me
I remember mother saying: Inventors are like poets, a trashy lot
I remember she told me those who try out inventions are worse
I remember she added: Women who love such are the worst of all
I have been waiting all day, or perhaps longer.
I would have liked to try those wings myself.
It would have been better than this.

July 13, 2009

Making biscuits.

July 8, 2009

chow chow

Charlie Cat.


July 6, 2009

Scott arrived late, minus a tire and with a smashed windshield, and he came bearing gifts!

Gran Tourer

gran tourer

Scott does sweet things like remember what thrift store that thing came from that i didn’t buy but can’t stop talking about, and sometimes he will buy a book i already have but like the new cover better so we can trade, and most of all he lets me take silly pictures of him.
You know.



vag'n out

Too much champagne + grocery fireworks (and some SC fireworks) + heart-attack blackberry ribs = A nice little holiday.

Art imitating life imitating art.

July 6, 2009

lego imitating life
Welcome to bake it pretty.

Pantone 197 C

July 2, 2009

Done and done. Designs for the new cards have been sent to the printers! Here is a little peek:

Inspired by vintage flash cards.

Time to relax i guess?


Scott comes to visit tomorrow! Amanda is making delicious soup as i type! There are 5 pounds of ribs in the fridge!
(and i use to say fourth of July was my least favorite holiday!)

Is that a gram?

July 1, 2009

description of the photo

Working on a new business card for Bake It Pretty. That means pouring over paper samples (one of my favorite things) and cursing at my computer at five in the morning (I blame illustrator). I’m thinking 16pt w/matte finish and rounded corners? Deadline: to the printers tonight! (but only after we go to the pool, duh).

Last night i dreamt i had an iphone.

Hotlanta (noun):The name that idiots who don’t even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.

June 10, 2009

Amanda + Me in Atlanta for three days. Highlights:

1. IDDBA trade show (Imagine every deli/bakery section of every grocer in one place and you could eat anything you wanted, also add a cash bar at noon, and a bunch of business men)
Speakers included Alton Brown!, Jim Gaffigan, Colin Powell, and Bob Knight.
Business Literature
Fancy Badges

3. Bodies (the exhibition)

4. dialogue in The Dark

5. Flying Biscuit Cafe and Cafe Agora ( THE Best Greek food, sorry yia yia)

6. ” World of Coke” ( 4-D just means they spray water at you) Antoine+manuel Illustrations

7. Gala at the Aquarium

8. Criminal Records ( and Comics)

9. Hotel Cable!

10. “My Life in Ruins” (Richard Dreyfuss as the “funny” old guy who is actually really the “wise” old guy, ugh.

11. Julia Child, “My Life in France” (book on tape!)

As soon as we got home we were sure of two things, one- we needed Julia Childs French cookbook, and two- we could really use a smooth, refreshing, happiness inducing Coke.