Hotlanta (noun):The name that idiots who don’t even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.

June 10, 2009

Amanda + Me in Atlanta for three days. Highlights:

1. IDDBA trade show (Imagine every deli/bakery section of every grocer in one place and you could eat anything you wanted, also add a cash bar at noon, and a bunch of business men)
Speakers included Alton Brown!, Jim Gaffigan, Colin Powell, and Bob Knight.
Business Literature
Fancy Badges

3. Bodies (the exhibition)

4. dialogue in The Dark

5. Flying Biscuit Cafe and Cafe Agora ( THE Best Greek food, sorry yia yia)

6. ” World of Coke” ( 4-D just means they spray water at you) Antoine+manuel Illustrations

7. Gala at the Aquarium

8. Criminal Records ( and Comics)

9. Hotel Cable!

10. “My Life in Ruins” (Richard Dreyfuss as the “funny” old guy who is actually really the “wise” old guy, ugh.

11. Julia Child, “My Life in France” (book on tape!)

As soon as we got home we were sure of two things, one- we needed Julia Childs French cookbook, and two- we could really use a smooth, refreshing, happiness inducing Coke.



2 Responses to “Hotlanta (noun):The name that idiots who don’t even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.”

  1. heyyy, I’m going to ATL this saturday! I’m glad you went to Criminal, that’s one of my favorite places EVERRRR

  2. Tassie Says:


    I’m excited you have a blog so I can keep up with you!! Which speakers, if any, did you hear?? I have seen Colin Powell and he is awesome. We are all ( the Greek side) supposed to see My Life in Ruins this wekend. What did you and Mandy think of it?? There is a Cafe Agora in Raleigh also that is divine. Their “avgolemono” soup is wonderful! Miss you guys.

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